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Kids Dentistry

At,” The Dental Place” we believe that children are very Special and that their oral health should be top priority right from their birth. We take special care in treating our child patient and top priority is given to make their visit comfortable and pleasant. Our staff is well trained to manage children and answer their questions. We take every step to ensure that child is always motivated to visit the dentist.

In our office we offer Nitrous Oxide sedation (laughing gas) if needed and make sure that the child is comfortable and relaxed during the dental procedure.

We look forward to have your children as our patient and together we will ensure that they have a healthy smile.

Given below are a few Frequently Asked Questions about oral health and dental hygiene for children that most of us parents have. We hope this will help you to plan for your child’s overall dental care:

When should I take my child to a dentist for the very first time?
It is recommended that your child’s first dental visit should be within 6 months of the eruption of first tooth or before the first birthday

How often should my child visit a dentist?
It is recommended at least twice a year for a child to visit a dentist. It may however differ depending on the child’s dental needs.

How important are baby teeth?
Baby teeth are very important because they lay the foundation for a healthy childhood and healthy eating habits. Decay in baby teeth can damage the formation of permanent teeth. Early loss of baby teeth can cause malocclusion of permanent teeth.

How do I take care of my child’s teeth?
Use the 2 for 2 rule, which means brush twice a day and brush for 2 minutes each time. Especially before bed. For ages 0 to 3 years use a size of a grain of rice amount of fluoride toothpaste, for ages 3 to 6 years, use a green pea size amount of fluoride toothpaste. Always ask your child to spit out after brushing. You need to finish brushing for your child till they are 8 years old.

What are space maintainers?
If due to extensive decay, the dentist is not able to save the primary tooth. It needs to be extracted, but we need to maintain the space for the eruption of permanent tooth. At this time the dentist recommends an appliance called space maintainer.

What are dental sealants and how do they work?
Dental sealants are protective coatings that are placed on chewing surfaces of the child’s newly erupted permanent molars and pre-molars to prevent decay.

How can I take care that my Child’s teeth are protected while playing sports?
Children need to make use of specially made mouth guards if they are involved in sports like ice-hockey, skating, football etc. To prevent damage to their teeth from falling and other sports related accidents.

What age should a child go for orthodontics treatment?
Orthodontic treatment today can be done at any age and depending on type and extent of malocclusion the dentist may recommend treatment at an early age of 6 or 7 years.

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